Catholic Hipster Handbook

Table of Contents

  • HANDBOOK 1: Embracing Your Faith in a Modern World
  • HANDBOOK 2: Connecting with God Through Social Media
  • HANDBOOK 3: The Art of Prayer: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Techniques
  • HANDBOOK 4: Integrating Christianity into Your Daily Lifestyle
  • HANDBOOK 5: Faith-Focused Fashion: Dressing Modestly and Stylishly
  • HANDBOOK 6: Navigating Relationships: Christian Dating in the 21st Century
  • HANDBOOK 7: Finding Your Spiritual Squad: Building a Supportive Faith Community
  • HANDBOOK 8: Combating Doubt: Strengthening Your Faith in Challenging Times
  • HANDBOOK 9: Modern Saints: Christian Role Models for Today’s Youth
  • HANDBOOK 10: Empowering Christian Conversations: Talking About Faith with Friends
  • HANDBOOK 11: Balancing Faith and Career: Living Your Purpose in the Workplace
  • HANDBOOK 12: Eco-Christianity: Caring for Creation and Sustainable Living
  • HANDBOOK 13: Serving Others: Christian Social Teaching and Community Engagement
  • HANDBOOK 14: Exploring Christian Art, Music, and Culture
  • HANDBOOK 15: The Journey Ahead: Growing in Faith as a Modern Day Christian Young Adult